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    Posted on 04-08-21 by Jack Woolsey

    Want to work in an exciting and ever-changing job sector that continues to grow year on year? Digital and E-commerce Sector jobs are tied heavily to technology, which is constantly changing and evolving. As such, the digital and E-commerce sector benefits from a growing upward trajectory. People’s increasing reliance on digital devices and the coronavirus pandemic also play a large role in sector growth.

    Since the pandemic, companies have turned towards digital and E-commerce to keep their business running as smoothly as possible. Consumers have also increased their usage of social media and adopted more online shopping habits.  

    It is reported that adverts for job roles in technology and digital in the UK increased by 36% between June and September 2020 and the sector is still on the rise. The UK government has also made a post-pandemic pledge to help supply the demand for digital skills by providing digital training opportunities.

    As the entire sector grows, so does the competition for these jobs. You’ll need to make sure you stand out in this growing sector and Clear Edge can help you do just that.  

    Some of the job roles in this sector that we recruit for are covered below. If you don’t see your ideal role or wish to know more, feel free to get in touch with us and we can go through our vacancies or keep your CV on record for future job opportunities in the digital and E-commerce sector. 

    Ecommerce Jobs

    Ecommerce is the sale of products and services online. It’s fair to say that E-commerce is ubiquitous nowadays, with online retail accounting for 28% of all retail sales in the UK. This makes it a very competitive but fast-paced sector to work in. 

    Generally speaking, E-commerce is like any other business, apart from the sale takes place via the website rather than in person or over the phone. But E-commerce is not just about making the sale – there’s so much more that goes on behind the scenes. As a result, there’s a range of functions that an E-commerce business can offer, because they can’t thrive without them.  

    Online Trading

    An Online Trading Manager will drive trade performance of the E-commerce site by improving the trading of online marketing campaigns and promotions, speed of product market, product presentation and merchandising and ensure smooth navigation and product discoverability. They may in smaller businesses work alone or sometimes have a team of specialists that may oversee each element of the website. They will use data to understand daily and weekly site performance and optimise the site or sites accordingly to conversion rates and ultimately drive sales revenue. 

    Ecommerce Analyst 

    As a digital analyst, you will be responsible for analysis and reporting on website metrics such as visitor numbers, conversion rates and drop off points.

    The data collected by E-commerce analysts can be used to optimise and refine the website and customer journey to ensure strong conversion rates and sales revenue.

    An Ecommerce Analyst will be data-savvy and super curious. They will enjoy creating actionable recommendations from the insights they gain from the data and will be adept at using Google Analytics as well as other specialist web-based analytics tools.

    UX Manager Jobs 

    A UX Manager helps to identify what frustrates customers and then helps to create a positive experience for the customer.

    The focus of the User Experience Manager’s work specifically relates to technology. They want customers who are accessing the business through a website or app to be able to quickly access relevant information and get the assistance or services that they need as efficiently as possible.

    User Experience Managers can influence technological designs and processes by providing key insights about the needs and desires of customers and they push development teams to ensure that they work to improve systems so that customers are satisfied. They direct their staff team to take actions to meet the objectives they’ve set and monitor the development and implementation of design changes.

    Ecommerce Marketing Jobs

    Marketing plays a large role in E-commerce. Without visitors to the website, nothing can be sold. A marketers job in E-commerce is to effectively increase brand awareness, lead people to the website and achieve sales. The ways in which this is done vary which creates many roles within E-commerce marketing. 

    Ecommerce marketing jobs could involve enticing customers to shop by producing digital copy, engaging content and accurate product descriptions. Copywriters will be able to write with empathy and make creative use of emotions to persuasively market the product. They will be able to perform any necessary research needed for their content and may have an understanding of buyer psychology. 

    An SEO Specialist is also an essential E-commerce marketing job as they help to increase the website’s visibility in search engines thereby increasing website visits. They will develop the necessary strategies for the website and work alongside web content creators. Specialists will have knowledge of how SEO works with an analytical and strategic mindset. They may also be responsible for outreach, which involves communication and relationship building skills. 

    Social media is now an essential platform for any E-commerce business, making it a valuable E-commerce marketing job. Social media roles involve promoting the business and its products through the channels used by customers on a regular basis. It requires a knowledge of how the social media platforms work as well as staying up to date with current social media trends in order to be relatable to the audience. Some social media roles will involve community management and engagement whilst others handle advertising. 

    PPC Manager is another crucial E-commerce marketing job. Whether this is via Google Ads, Facebook or another digital advertising platform, a PPC Manager is responsible for delivering a good return on investment. They will have a good knowledge of the available advertising platforms and will work strategically to deliver the best results. The role will require an analysis of campaigns and adapting the strategy accordingly. 

    Digital Marketing professionals are required to be both creative and analytical. They will come up with creative campaign strategies but be able to execute and then evaluate these strategies to understand what is working and not working and optimise accordingly. 

    Digital Analyst Jobs

    As a Digital Analyst, you will be responsible for analysis and reporting on a range of different digital metrics. Accurate data and information attained through website analytics, surveys, search engine rankings and other research methods will be pulled together by the analyst in order for the business to gain insight and make informed decisions. 

    The data collected by Digital Analysts can be used to influence and refine future marketing campaigns or help predict company financial trends and reduce company costs. 

    A Digital Analyst will, of course, be comfortable with numbers, qualitative and quantitative data, spreadsheets and databases. It is also important to be able to translate complex data into easily understandable formats for other stakeholders. 

    CRM Manager Jobs

    A CRM Manager is responsible for maintaining relationships with a business’s customers. The role of CRM Manager may involve planning and delivering CRM strategies to increase loyalty and customer retention. They’ll be responsible for the segmentation of customer data based on maintaining these databases. The management of customer relationships may also involve working with customer communications such as email marketing/newsletters and social media. 

    A CRM Manager will be confident in their management skills, of both people and projects. They’ll be comfortable communicating with both customers and employees and have the customer’s satisfaction in mind. 

    Head of Digital Jobs

    Leading the digital efforts of a business is a big responsibility. As Head of Digital, you will be responsible for leading and managing your own digital team within a business. You will likely be tasked with developing one or more digital strategies for the business to follow with the help of your team, reporting to you.  

    By coordinating the team and effectively delegating tasks, you will aim to continually improve the effectiveness of the business online and bring your sector-leading experience to the table. You may even be required to develop or maintain processes and establish a KPI structure for the teams to follow. 

    Candidates will understand the qualities of leadership, be excellent communicators and have experience in managing and supporting people. Working in the digital space, a Head of Digital will also have extensive industry knowledge and an understanding of the different technologies used by the business.

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