• As eCommerce sales continue to grow, what impact does UI/UX have?

    Posted on 28-09-22 by Jack Woolsey

    eCommerce is booming in 2022 and is predicted to reach a staggering $7.4trillion valuation by 2025. But how does UI/UX across websites and applications impact this success?  Chloe Marshall, Delivery Consultant in our Technology division, takes a look.


    eCommerce refers to the buying or selling of products electronically using online services. As we increasingly use electronic devices in day-to-day life, alongside the development of the internet, eCommerce continues to grow. Research shows that over 75% of people shop online at least once a monthIn 2020 eCommerce sales grew by 27.6%, accounting for 18% of all global retail salesIt is predicted to grow by 50% over the next 3 years reaching a value of $7.4trillion by 2025.

    With the continuing inflation of eCommerce, it is important that the means of purchasing online continue to grow alongside – enter the importance of UI/UX.

    To complete an online transaction, the user must either visit your website or application. Research has shown that most users decide between 15-30 seconds if the site can fulfil their expectations, so it is crucial that these first moments when using the website/application are seamless and enjoyable. Taking care of the UI/UX can reap its benefits later down the line, the longer you keep potential customers engaged and satisfied, the more likely you are to make a sale.

    How does UI/UX impact eCommerce success?

    Increase Customer Satisfaction

    By creating an easy to use, interactive and appealing User Interface and Experience, users will leave the site/application feeling satisfied. When considering where to make their next purchase from your site will have left a good memory in their mind, rather than remembering that overcomplicated site with a million steps they previously used.

    User Attention Retention

    A good UI will use features that keep visitors engaged, such as pop out information, images, and live chat, however, it must maintain the key feature of easy to access information alongside this. A website where information is not easily accessible will lose the users attention most likely leading to them leaving the website without making a purchase.

    Establish brand name

    A unique exciting UI/UX can create a more memorable experience for the user, leading your brand to remain in their mind. Imprinting your brands image and keeping it at the forefront of the user’s mind can lead to more traffic as they’ll choose to revisit your website/application based on familiarity, and more traffic = more sales.

    Builds trust

    If a user has a terrible experience with your website/application finding faults and a lack of professionalism then how can they trust your products? Creating professional effective working websites/applications builds trust between your brand and the user, leading them to feel more open and comfortable to purchase your products.


    The easier your website/application is to use and the faster a user can checkout, the more likely you are to make sales. A user may begin to have second thoughts or become distracted if the route to purchase is too long, keep it simple and watch the sales boost.

    Mobile friendly website/application

    By creating a mobile friendly alternative you increase your market reach, 52% of internet searches are done by mobile. Most people won’t switch on their laptop/PC to make a purchase, they will do it straight from the ease of their handheld device and if your website doesn’t support this you will lose out on their business.

    To capitalise on the modern-day shopping world that is eCommerce and it’s growing dominance, it’s important to consider all the factors that could encourage people to interact with your brand rather than another. Recognising the importance of your UI/UX within your website/application is as crucial as the quality of your products and following these simple steps will make sure your brand gets the recognition and success it deserves.

    If you are looking for you next career move in UI/UX, then drop Chloe a line at chloe.marshall@ceselection.com or visit our Technology vacancies page to see available roles.

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